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First, you have a dream. A passion. Something big within that most scoff at. Nonetheless, you want to unleash it. You want to build it. And you want to make a living at it too!



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Kellie Adkins


"As a chronic under-earner, I was on the search for a coach who would hold me to a higher standard. Just after I started working with Joleene, I closed $18,800 in sales in two days using the mindset shifts I learned from her. My clients saw the difference, I felt the difference and - most importantly - I now have a strong sense of staying in service while valuing my time."

Profiting from your passion isn't a fairytale.

It just isn't.

And I mean that. If you are a creative coach/consultant. speaker, writer or entertainer of ANY kind looking to tackle the desire that's been within you since day one, I've got the remedy to catapult your dreams with excitement and authenticity. Without magic, super stealth ninja tricks or BS, I will show you how to find and create speaking gigs that will sustain your calling with love and integrity. Why integrity?

Because there is no other way.



If you seek a dynamic, comedic, transformational speaker, you've found her. Effective and powerful. Always.


Need a good kick in the pants? Some motivation and empowerment? Come listen to Joleene at one of her upcoming events.


coaches, writers, speakers 

& entertainers.



Michelle Arbore


"When I started with Joleene, I had only made $6,000 dollars the previous year. Within the first four weeks of working with her, 
​I generated $8,000 in sales.
I used to fear speaking in public too, but now I love it!

Joshua Barfelz


"My time working with Joleene was simply amazing. She helped me develop a side of myself and my true passion that I wanted to grow, and empowered me to achieve unbelievable results. If you are ready to take yourself and your dreams to the next level, I strongly encourage you to talk with Joleene. It is well worth every penny.

passion shift coach / author / speaker