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Teaching entrepreneurs how to find and/or create speaking gigs that generate

$5-figure paydays. Learn to close a sale with authenticity.



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Kellie Adkins


"As a chronic under-earner, I was on the search for a coach who would hold me to a higher standard. Just after I started working with Joleene, I closed $18,800 in sales in two days using the mindset shifts I learned from her. My clients saw the difference, I felt the difference and - most importantly - I now have a strong sense of staying in service while valuing my time."

A multiple six-figure income isn't far from your reach.

It just isn't.

And I mean that. If you are a coach, consultant or professional service provider, I've got the remedy that can catapult your business quickly. Without magic, super stealth ninja tricks or BS, I will show you how to find and create speaking gigs that will sustain your business with authenticity and integrity. Why integrity? Because there is no other way.



If you seek a dynamic, comedic, transformational speaker, you've found her. Effective and powerful. Always.


Need a good kick in the pants? Some motivation and empowerment? Come listen to Joleene at one of her upcoming events.

$5-figure payday

authentic solution.



Michelle Arbore


"When I started with Joleene, I had only made $6,000 dollars the previous year. Within the first four weeks of working with her, 
​I generated $8,000 in sales.
I used to fear speaking in public too, but now I love it! Thanks to her, I am very close to a $6-figure income!"

Joshua Barfelz


"My time working with Joleene was simply amazing. She helped me develop a side of myself and my business that I wanted to grow, and empowered me to achieve unbelievable results. If you are ready to take yourself and your speaking to the next level, then I strongly encourage you to talk with Joleene. It is well worth every penny.

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